European Imports

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In 2011 the majority of UK imports came from Germany. According the HM Revenue and customs, the UK spent over 41 billion pounds on imports from Germany alone last year. So it is no surprise that the European import market is core part of our business here at Global Freight Connections. In fact last year we imported over 16,992,000kg from Germany into our hubs in South Woodham, Dublin, Warrington, Warwick and Glasgow. European imports are big business and here at GFC we aim to make is as easy, cost effective and time efficient as possible.

We offer a multitude of import services across Europe, from full load trailers to single cartons we can offer a service to meet your needs.

Imports from Germany

As we mentioned before German imports are a big part of our business, and we run road freight services from across Germany. Our dedicated partners are based in strategic locations , including Hamburg, Bremen and Munchen offering a comprehensive service throughout the whole of Germany.

We have regular departures destined for our UK hub’s including our main hub in South Woodham Ferrers, our Northern depot base in Warrington and our Irish depot based in Dublin. So our import services are regular and flexible allowing us to offer the best possible service.

If you have any further questions on our German Imports service please feel free to contact our dedicated imports team on: 0044 (0)1245 429470 alternatively please contact Huw Williams

Imports from Italy

Another key market for us here at Global Freight Connections is Italy. The Italian market is the 8th largest import market servicing the UK, as a country we import around €14 billion of goods from Italy, and with the world expo coming to Milan in 2015 this is due to rise. The UK has a strong, long standing trade and political relations with Italy and here at Global freight connections we help to keep this relationship running strong with regular trailers every week.

Our main partners in Italy are based in Tavazzano con Villavesco, a comune in the Lombardy area, about 35km southeast of Milan. This gives us an excellent and flexible base for our Italian departures, especially when servicing the more industrial areas of Northern Italy. We also have an excellent network of domestic carriers across Italy allowing us to offer comprehensive services across the country.

For any further information about our Italian import service please feel free to contact our dedicated Import team on: 0044 (0)1245 429470 or alternatively please contact Alex Gregory

Imports from BeNeLux

BeNeLux is a customs union formed in 1944 consisting of Belgium the Netherlands and Luxembourg, some credit this treaty as being the first steps towards what we know now as the European Union. Considering both Belgium and the Netherlands are in the top 10 UK import counties this is another market we focus our attention on.

We have a number of quality partners over in BeNeLux who help us to maintain a first class import service from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Due to the proximity of this area it is a fast transit time and we can offer almost daily groupage departures.

If you have any enquires regarding our BeNeLux import service please feel free to contact our dedicated Imports team on 0044 (0) 01245 429470 or alternatively please contact Daniel Gorman

These are just a few of our main established import services, services we wanted to highlight as we know we can offer you an unprecedented level of service, for full loads, part loads or express shipments. But please remember we can cover the entirety of Europe with our quality partners, offering comprehensive road freight services that meet the requirements of the customer.

If you’re an experienced shipper, give us a call, have a chat with our accommodating team and see what we can do to improve your European road freight service.

If you new to this shipping, the same applies, give us a call and we will be happy to take you through the steps and guide you towards the best possible solution for you or your company.